The webpage will store cookies on your computer when you navigate on our Wen you navigate on our webpage it will store cookies on your computer.

Cookies are small tekst-files. When you get to our webpage, the page will ask your web-browser to store cookies on your computer. This is so that the web-page will remember the action or preferences you have over time, and how often you have been on the webpage. The information that will be collected by some of the cookies will be used to analyze the traffic to the webpage, and to show you ads for other webpages and in sosial media or send you updates by e-mail based upon your actions on the webpage.

You can deselect cookies. Please note that this might cause the webpage to not work optimally. Read how you can administrate cookies in your web browser here:

Necessary cookies:

Some cookies are necessary for the web browser to function and carry out an action as an order, send message or for us to answer your inquiry in a chat. These are activated as a standard.

Cookies for analytics and statistics:

Statistics-cookies gather anonymous data for analytic purposes, and will help customize the page to our users and to measure how the webpage perform. 

Cookies for marketing:

Cookies for marketing will be used to track users across the site to show more relevant ads.